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Seneca Physical Therapy is the only Physical Therapy that I recommend for my athletes. Bill and his awesome staff have helped my athletes return to full workouts in order to realize their dreams of being the best gymnast that they can be. Courtney Kupets would not have made the 2004 Olympic Team without Seneca Physical Therapy. Thanks Bill!!! You’re the greatest.

~Kelli Hill – 2004 Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team Head Coach
2000 Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team Head Coach
2003 World Team Head Coach

Kelli Hill has been a dominant force in the USA women’s success over the last four quadrenniums. Kelli has coached a national team member every year since 1989 and was the coach of the national champion in 1994, 2000, 2003, and 2004…. She was named the USA Gymnastics women’s artistic coach of the year in 2000 and 2003, and was the United States Elite Coaches Association Coach of the Year in 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2003.
The Washington Post


“…Looking at the therapy I received then at another establishment versus the services I received at Seneca PT, there is simply no comparison, both in terms of the variety of your equipment, the range of your exercises, and especially the complete individual attention you give to each patient. I am very grateful to the in-home physical therapist who recommended Seneca PT. I do not believe I could have received better, more caring, and more professional services anywhere else. And observing you and your staff during all those weeks, it became very obvious to me that your primary motivation is caring for people, not monetary profit. I will definitely recommend Seneca PT to anyone in this area who needs physical therapy or is looking for a gym. There may be a few other institutions as good as yours, I suppose – but better than yours I cannot imagine.”

~Paul Feys

Thanks for the fantastic job you did treating my tennis elbow. I had originally gone to another clinic, where my symptoms actually worsened. At Seneca, you took the time to listen to my concerns and work with me to create a personalized treatment plan. As a result, I made a full recovery in a very short amount of time! 

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~Heather Felsen

“…My concept of physical therapy has changed. The staff at Seneca Physical Therapy and Wellness Center care about their patients. They are there for you at all times. Support is given in a variety of ways to accomplish your ultimate goals of well being.”

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~Nancy Swanson

As a former World Record Hurdler and Professional Football player, you can imagine I’ve had my share of injuries. And that’s an athletes’ worst nightmare. However, we athletes know that injuries are a part of the game. That’s why working with a good physical therapist is paramount to your recovery and return to play. I was told about Seneca Physical Therapy and Bill Rolle when I was trying to recover from an injury while training for the Olympics. Bill and his staff understood that time wasn’t my friend. Even though I was the best hurdler in the world, they never compromised their approach to providing me with the proper treatment to getting back healthy. Seneca PT diagnosed my injury properly, and pushed me hard without exposing me to further injury. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my treatment, as I recovered fully. That’s why today, I didn’t hesitate when my teenage daughter, a star soccer player for her high school, broke her ankle in an automobile accident prior to entering her freshman year in college. I immediately thought of Seneca PT and Bill Rolle. I knew from my experience that Seneca PT would take good care of my daughter. I also knew that in addition to treating my daughter, Bill Rolle’s positive attitude would be encouraging to her during the challenging days of treatment ahead. I’m convinced that Seneca Physical Therapy will have my daughter back playing soccer again at a very high level. Thanks Seneca PT!”

~Renaldo Nehemiah

[Renaldo (“Skeets”) Nehemiah dominated the 110m hurdle event from 1978 until 1981. He was the world record holder and the first man to run the high hurdles in under 13 seconds. He was ranked number one in the world for four straight years. Nehemiah joined the San Francisco 49ers in 1982. He played for three years as a wide receiver and was part of the Super Bowl winning team in the 1984 season.]

“Thank you for the great pleasure of your company and the physical therapy that was – far and away – the best I have ever had. I am doing very well, regularly celebrating the joy of doing things I never thought I would be able to do again.”

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~Linda Miller

We’ve all heard the “horror” stories of physical therapy…Needless to say, I was not looking forward to therapy, but I’m happy to say I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Seneca Physical Therapy group has a wonderful process of listening, communicating, and working with the patients, resulting in the best care possible… I would highly recommend the Seneca Physical Therapy group to anyone needing physical therapy…

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~Diane Bergman

“I appreciate your professional and personal help. You’ve created a great environment at Seneca Physical Therapy, Inc. You’re keeping the care in Health Care.”

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~Terry O’Conner

I sing the praises of Seneca PT to anyone who asks me what I did to improve my gait and posture. You all are THE GREATEST! 

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“They have always been so patient, so very pleasant, and so empathetic – absolutely wonderful in every way. I looked forward to my visits and am finishing up very much improved.”

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~Jane Sheetz

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