Personal Fitness Training: Individual and Partner/Small Group

Seneca offers one-on-one personal training and partner training. We provide supervision, guidance, education, and accountability. You can work out with a trainer for 30 minutes or 2 hours, one time a week or multiple times. You can meet individually, with a partner, or even in a small group. Training alongside a partner or friend is often more fun and can help reduce the costs.

Personal Trainer in MarylandWhat is Personal Training?

Personal training is working one-on-one with a certified trainer to improve your overall fitness and activity levels. On your first visit, we review your medical history in detail and discuss your short and long term goals. Working with a trainer helps you realistically set and reach fitness goals using a variety of exercise approaches. Appropriate technique, speed and control through each exercise are stressed to help minimize injury and to maximize your time. Keeping record of your progress is one of the best ways to see positive results toward your goals.

Our trainers will often suggest exercises to do outside of the gym to help you improve your fitness and reach your goals even faster.

Our trainers at Seneca have either a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree and are credentialed by organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, American Senior Fitness Association, and/or the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Can I still work with a Personal Trainer if I have an injury or if I am currently seeing a physical therapist?

Yes!! We frequently modify individual exercises to protect as well as strengthen injured areas. While in physical therapy, some of our clients want to maintain or enhance their conditioning level, and do personal training at the same time. Our integrative approach allows close communication with the physical therapist. Personal training is a safe, effective way to exercise regardless of your age or fitness level.

What are the benefits of Personal Training?

  • Results
  • Safety
  • Avoid Injury or Re-Injury
  • Adaptation to new issues on the spot
  • Monitoring & Supervision
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Variation in Exercise
  • Minimize Boredom
  • Use time more effectively

Through personal training you get immediate feedback and feel the
satisfaction of hard work at the end of each session. For some people, being
accountable to someone else helps keep them consistent. For others, the
financial investment helps them stay on a regular routine.

When shouldn’t I participate in Personal Training?

Some conditions that could be exacerbated by exercise include:

  • Recent injuries including fractures, strains, sprains, ruptures or tears
  • Pregnant (if you had not been previously exercising)
  • Some cardiac problems
  • Some skin conditions
  • Infectious diseases

Check with your physician if you have questions as to whether personal training would be appropriate for you.


  • Initial Consultation:
    Current Wellness Member = No cost
    Current patient = $25.00
    If not a current Member/patient = $75.00

  • Partner Group Training (2 – 3 People)
    60 minute session = $45/per person
    30 minute session = $30/per person

  • 30 Minute Individual Sessions
    Individual session = $40
    Package of 10 = $350
    Package of 5 = $187.50

  • 60 Minute Individual Sessions
    Individual session = $70
    Package of 10 = $600
    Package of 5 = $325

  • 90 Minute Individual Sessions
    Individual session = $100
    Package of 10 = $900
    Package of 5 = $475

  • 120 Minute Individual Sessions
    Individual session = $130

    Package of 10 = $1200
    Package of 5 = $625

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