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Seneca Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is now part of FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers

After 25 years of providing you with the highest standards of physical therapy and wellness services, we are partnering with a group of independent physical therapy clinics called FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers, so that we will be better able to meet your comprehensive needs with increased services like fall prevention, concussion management, as well as an annual musculoskeletal physical unavailable anywhere else.

Same owner, same people, same exceptional care

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Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness is a leading outpatient clinic in Rockville, Maryland, specializing in orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation. Distinguishing itself from other area clinics, Seneca offers a whole body, integrated treatment approach provided by a select team of therapists and exercise physiologists in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Trusted by Patients: Treating over 1000 patients a year in an encouraging, friendly environment, Seneca has maintained an unrivaled patient satisfaction rating of more than 90%. On your first hour long visit, you will have the opportunity to tell us about yourself, your injury, your health status and your goals. In doing this, Seneca focuses on you! Please take time to see what patients are saying about Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness.
  • Trusted by Doctors: Since 1991, physicians from across the Metropolitan DC area have referred patients to Seneca to help them reach and surpass their rehabilitation goals after sustaining an injury or following surgery. In the last year alone, over 100 physicians referred their patients to us for treatment.
  • Trusted by Athletes: Seneca has had the privilege of working with a variety of athletes on the recreational, professional and Olympic levels. Seneca not only treats athletes for specific injuries, but also provides athletes with personal injury prevention and conditioning plans. Read what one Olympic team head coach says about Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness.
  • Trusted by Wellness Members: Since 1997, hundreds of patients have made Seneca their health facility, continuing after completion of formal therapy to participate in the Wellness Program. With exercise physiologists, exercise specialists and certified personal trainers on staff to integrate personalized rehabilitation programs with overall health goals, our clients achieve a quality of life they never thought possible. See what Wellness Members are saying about Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness.