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Orthopedic and Sports Treatment

Orthopedic and Sports Treatment in Rockville, Maryland

With over 35 years of orthopedic experience and his work with world-class athletes, Bill Rolle will provide focused, evidence-based exercise and hands-on treatment for all of your Physical Therapy needs.

Seneca Physical Therapy provides a full hour of one-on-one care with advanced skills in treating your orthopedic and sport-related issues. We aim to get you back to your sport as quickly as possible, sometimes better than before.

As an athlete, we address you as a whole person, not just your specific injury or pain. Patient education is a fundamental step in our treatment approach, enabling you to partake in the decision-making process of when to return to sport.

See what others have said about Bill’s treatment of athletes:

Kelli H

“ Seneca Physical Therapy is the only Physical Therapy that I recommend for my athletes. Bill and his awesome staff have helped my athletes return to full workouts in order to realize their dreams of being the best gymnast that they can be. Courtney Kupets would not have made the 2004 Olympic Team without Seneca Physical Therapy. Thanks Bill!!! You're the greatest. ”


Renaldo N

“ As a former World Record Hurdler and Professional Football player, you can imagine I’ve had my share of injuries. And that’s an athletes’ worst nightmare. However, we athletes know that injuries are a part of the game. That’s why working with a good physical therapist is paramount to your recovery and return to play. I was told about Seneca Physical Therapy and Bill Rolle when I was trying to recover from an injury while training for the Olympics. Bill and his staff understood that time wasn’t my friend. Even though I was the best hurdler in the world, they never compromised their approach to providing me with the proper treatment to getting back healthy. Seneca PT diagnosed my injury properly and pushed me hard without exposing me to further injury. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my treatment, as I recovered fully. That’s why today, I didn’t hesitate when my teenage daughter, a star soccer player for her high school, broke her ankle in an automobile accident prior to entering her freshman year in college. I immediately thought of Seneca PT and Bill Rolle. I knew from my experience that Seneca PT would take good care of my daughter. I also knew that in addition to treating my daughter, Bill Rolle’s positive attitude would be encouraging to her during the challenging days of treatment ahead. I’m convinced that Seneca Physical Therapy will have my daughter back playing soccer again at a very high level. Thanks Seneca PT! ”

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