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Professional Treatment

Professional Treatment

Over 35 Years of Experience

Over 35 Years of Experience

Outstanding Results

Outstanding Results

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Find peace of mind

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Welcome to Seneca Physical Therapy

Patients trust the physical therapists at Seneca Physical Therapy in Rockville, MD. We treat over 1,000 patients every year in an encouraging, friendly environment.

Seneca maintains unrivaled patient satisfaction with a rating of more than 90%. Because our focus is on you and not on the insurance company requirements, we can maximize your rehab potential.

  • Result Driven - Results-driven, measurable, customized recovery plan for your optimum care
  • Tools & Techniques - Access to physical therapy techniques used by professional athletes
  • Quick Results - Many patients report feeling improvement after just the first visit

Here’s how we get you feeling great again

Let’s Talk

On your first hour-long visit, you tell us about yourself, your injury, health status, and goals.

Your Recovery Plan

A customized physical therapy treatment plan tailored to your injury, lifestyle, and goals.

Get Back to Your Active Life

We work hard to get you back in the game quickly – whatever you enjoy doing!

It's time to take back your life and start living pain free

Seneca Physical Therapy Services in Rockville, MD

Most patients benefit from a combination of treatment approaches.
As an out-of-network clinic not constrained by insurance company restrictions,
we have the time to apply the most effective treatments for your individual issue.

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Why Choose Seneca Physical Therapy in Rockville, MD?

Seneca Physical Therapy in Rockville, MD, provides personalized physical therapy services specifically designed for your healing. Since 1991, physicians from across the Metropolitan DC area have referred patients to Seneca.

  • They know we can help you reach and surpass your rehabilitation goals after sustaining an injury or following surgery.
  • Over 100 physicians refer to Dr. Bill Rolle for their patients' care.
  • Seneca Physical Therapy has worked with many athletes on the recreational, professional and Olympic levels.
  • SPT specializes in sports injuries, with the greatest emphasis on gymnastics, tennis, and swimming.

About Seneca Physical Therapy in Rockville, Maryland

Seneca Physical Therapy is the leading outpatient clinic in Rockville, Maryland, specializing in orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation.

Because we are not constrained by insurance company restrictions, we have the time to comprehensively evaluate and treat all of the contributing factors to your problem. This ensures the quickest recovery possible and less time away from the things that you love to do.

Doctor Explains...

It feels hopeless when
pain holds you back.
We’re here to set you free.

  • Results-driven, measurable, customized care plan
  • Access to tools and techniques used by Olympic athletes
  • 98% of patients report feeling improvement after just the first visit

Are you wondering how Physical Therapy can help you with your pain?

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