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About Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness in Rockville, Maryland

Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness is a leading outpatient clinic in Rockville, Maryland, specializing in orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation. Distinguishing itself from other area clinics, Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness offers a whole-body integrated treatment provided by a team of professional therapists and exercise physiologists in a state-of-the-art facility.


  • Trusted by Patients:  Treating over 1000 patients a year in an encouraging, friendly environment, Seneca has maintained an unrivaled patient satisfaction rating of more than 90%. On your first hour-long visit, you will have the opportunity to tell us about yourself, your injury, your health status and your goals. In doing this, Seneca focuses on you! Please take time to see what patients are saying about Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness in Rockville, Maryland.   


  • Trusted by Doctors:  Since 1991, physicians from across the Metropolitan DC area have referred patients to Seneca to help them reach and surpass their rehabilitation goals after sustaining an injury or following surgery. Over 100 physicians referred their patients to us for treatment in the last year alone.



  • Trusted by Wellness Members:  Since 1997, hundreds of patients have made Seneca their health facility, continuing after completion of formal therapy to participate in the Wellness Program. With exercise physiologists on staff to integrate personalized rehabilitation programs with overall health goals, our clients achieve a quality of life they never thought possible. See what Wellness Members are saying about Seneca Physical Therapy & Wellness.



Our Mission

Building a healthy community through education, prevention, & physical therapy treatment in a compassionate personal atmosphere.


Seneca Physical Therapy Core Values

  • We believe in honoring God and serving others in all areas within the clinic: patient care, human resources, business ethics, and corporate finances.
  • We believe our patients’ needs are our first priority deserving our greatest attention and resources.
  • We believe patient care is best delivered in a friendly atmosphere where caring for them and our staff is more important than the bottom line.
  • We believe an emphasis on “Team” is fundamental to building a basis for superior patient care.
  • We believe excellence in patient care and relations should be the norm at Seneca Physical Therapy.
  • We believe maintaining competency in current technologies and clinical practices is critical to delivering excellent patient care.



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